Mariah Carey reveals ‘E=MC2’ album title meaning

Singer explains reasoning behind new album name

Mariah Carey has explained the meaning behind the title of her new album, ‘E=MC2’.

Speaking to The Sun‘s Something For The Weekend, Carey explained that the name referred to her belief in her increased abilities since her previous album.

She explained that the album title meant “‘The Emancipation Of Mimi’ to the second power”, referring to her 2005 album, which she believes she has surpassed.

“Basically, I’m freer on this album than I’ve ever been,” she explained. “Some of the songs on the last album were cool but maybe not quite as neat as this album.”

Carey laughed at the suggestion that the album title, the formula of Albert Einstein‘s theory of relativity, suggested an interest in physics.

Einstein‘s theory?” she laughed. “Physics? Me? Hello! I even failed remedial math. I could not pass seventh grade math even in the lowest class with the worst kids.”