Poor performance of 'Glitter' makes the unthinkable possible...

Mariah Carey‘s record label are in talks to buy her out of her four-album

$80-million (£56million) deal with Virgin Records according to the Los Angeles Times.

The paper states that Virgin’s parent company EMI has lost $10million on her first record with

the label, ‘Glitter’ which has sold just 478,000 copies in the US and roughly two million worldwide.

Sales with her previous company Sony Music came to 40 million in total. EMI

are hoping Mariah Carey will

accept a multi-million dollar lump sum to leave Virgin altogether. ‘Glitter’ was also the title

of Mariah Carey‘s film which featured her debut starring role – it bombed at the box office.

The film and album were delayed following Mariah Carey‘s hospitalisation in July following a “complete

emotional and physical breakdown”.