The star visits a kids' camp and leaves a message on her wbsite thanking fans for her support...

MARIAH CAREY has emerged back into public life after her breakdown, visiting the kids’ camp CAMP MARIAH in FISHKILL, NEW YORK and leaving a message for fans on her website thanking them for their support.

The audio message says: “I just want to say thank you so much for all the letters, and everything that I got from you. I want you to know you definitely can’t believe everything you read.” She added that she’s taking care of herself and commented: “As I speak to you I’m looking at the most beautiful rainbow that is going across the entire sky.”

As previously reported on NME.COM, her publicist described her condition as “a complete emotional and physical breakdown” and smashed up crockery at her home before she was admitted to hospital to rest.

The troubled diva releases her new album ‘Glitter’ in September, with the movie for which it is the soundtrack following later in the month.

According to Sonicnet, during her low-key visit to the kids’ camp, which she gives financial backing to, she spoke to the youngsters and signed autographs.