Plus - Westlife shit themselves, Yet more astonishing Graham Coxon news and Batman goes mental...

Mariah‘s cursed.

According to the Daily Star (August 15), it was her cover of ‘Without You’ , her first UK Number One, the song that set her on the current road to stardom all over the world and in Germany, that has seen a hoodoo come down. The Star points out that two of the song’s writers, Peter Ham and Tom Evans from Badfinger, killed themselves. Then Harry Nilsson, who made the song a hit, also died after having been alive for a number of years.

“‘Without You’ sums up despair and is a real tearjerker because of the poignant lyrics. Mariah seems to have become its latest victim,” Gerry Marsden, of top selling 60s teen favourites Gerry And The Pacemakers explains. “I’d never perform it,” he adds, before delivering a piece of advice singers the world over would do well to take in. “I would urge other artists to leave it alone.” Gerry certainly knows what he is talking about. He had a string of hits throughout the 60s, especially with a song about the Mersey river, the river that runs through his native city of Liverpool, which is also the native city of The Beatles who, like Gerry, also had a string of hits in the 60s, before deciding not to have anymore when the hits stopped. His decision to stay well away from ‘Without You’ has been vindicated as he has not died.

Meanwhile, aware of the trauma ‘Without You’ has caused Mariah, Westlife have been bombarding her with flowers and get well cards, The Star reports. “We’re really sad to hear what she’s been going through,” Mark Feehily from the band has said. Tabloid Hellunderstands Westlife are now a little concerned some of Mariah‘s hex could rub off on them. The sitting five-piece dueted with the jinxed diva on ‘Against All Odds’ last year. “It’s a nervous time for the band,” a source should say. “The track with Mariah was a bit of laugh. It was really about the decision that used to have to be made about whether to pay tax pre or post bet, though that was never revealed at the time. Now they see that Mariah has gone as mad as a sunburnt pig and I can tell you they’re scared. They’re all level-headed fellas and this axe hanging over them is affecting their ability to work through even basic motor-neurone functions. Kian just sits in a chair all day now trying to explain that he has forgotten how to blink. It’s a difficult time.”

from Five was spotted putting petrol into his car at a petrol station.

Finally, police in Redditch, Worcestershire are hunting for Batman. The Caped Crusader went mad in the Venture Club and beat up a reveller.

It is unknown what provoked the superhero to carry out the attack.

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