But insists she is making "good progress"...

MARIAH CAREY’s brother has revealed his sister began babbling incoherently and wrecking her NEW YORK hotel room just before she was taken off to psychiatric care.

Speaking in the Sunday Mirror today (August 25), Morgan

Carey said Mariah screamed: “I want to go where there are rainbows. I want to be alone” during her outburst at the Tribeca Hotel. “She basically lost it and started throwing plates. She just broke down and started a major ruckus. She somehow cut her arm with the broken crockery and kept saying weird things.” He denied Mariah’s cuts were the result of a botched suicide attempt.

Mariah’s publicist revealed to NME.COM last week that her client had suffered a complete “emotional and physical breakdown.” Morgan added that Mariah’s workload and recent relationship break-up with her boyfriend of three years had brought about the collapse.

“It seemed like everything was caving in on her with two movies back to back, lack of food and lack of sleep and the break-up with Luis which troubled her deeply.”

Mariah’s current condition is unknown though her brother said she was making “good progress”.