Mariah Carey’s hair froze on the set of the ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ video

The official clip for the 1994 single - which is a contender for this year's Christmas Number One - certainly put Mariah through her paces

Mariah Carey has revealed that her hair froze while she was filming the video for her seasonal smash hit, ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’.

Carey released the track back in November 1994, and the song is still a permanent fixture across many Christmas playlists – its popularity serves as a handy annual bonus for Carey, who reportedly scoops around £376,000 in royalty payments from the song each year.

The singer has reflected on the success of the song in a new interview, recalling that the conditions of the original wintry video – which was shot using Super-8mm film to recreate the feel of a home video – actually caused damage to her hair.


“I was actually in the snow, that’s not something that was created,” Carey told Popsugar [via Hello!]. “It was freezing in that one-piece ensemble, [my] hair was frozen – and I remember it like it was yesterday.”

‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ served as the lead single from Carey’s first holiday album, ‘Merry Christmas’ (1994) – though the star admitted that she initially had doubts about recording the seasonal LP.

“I thought it was too early in my career to make a Christmas album,” Carey said. “But in retrospect, I look at that now and say: ‘I’m so glad I did that.'”

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