Mariah Carey countersued for $3 million over cancelled shows

Carey cancelled shows in Argentina and Chile in 2016 over a payment dispute

Mariah Carey is being countersued by a concert promoter over two shows in South America in 2016.

The pop star pulled out of two shows in Argentina and Chile because, she claimed, the promoter didn’t pay her in full by the previously agreed date. She filed a lawsuit last January for breach of contract.

FEG Entretenimientos have now countersued, saying Carey didn’t have the right to “unilaterally cancel” the two gigs, as Billboard reports.


In a complaint filed in California federal court earlier this week (January 17), FEG have filed counterclaims against the star and her Mirage Entertainment company for breach of contract and defamation.

The Argentinian show was due to take place on October 28, 2016, with a gig in Chile to follow two days later. On October 25, Carey cancelled the show, saying there was an unpaid balance for her fee for both shows.

FEG, also known as Fenix, claim they had paid 75 percent of the fee due, and only found out about the cancellation though the media. According to their complaint, the singer was required to give them 48 hours to rectify any issues before cancelling.

Attorney Robert Allen wrote in a statement: “Carey’s unilateral cancellation of the Argentina and Chile performances – a mere three days prior to the Argentina performance and less than a week before the Chile performance – constituted material breaches of her obligations under each of the tour agreements.”

The promoters also claim Carey made false and defamatory statements on Twitter, implying the gigs had been pulled because of their negligence. They are asking for upwards of $1 million in damages from the cancelled concerts, and $2 million in damages for defamation.