Full tracklisting and details reveal a star-studded line-up...

Marianne Faithfull has confirmed final details of her new album, which features collaborations with Beck, Blur, Pulp and BILLY CORGAN.

‘Kissin Time’ is released on March 4 via Hut, and is preceded by a collaboration with Beck, ‘Sex With Strangers’ on February 18. The track features the music and production from Beck, with lyrics and vocals from Marianne Faithfull.

Beck also features on album tracks ‘Like Being Born’ and a reworking of his own song ‘Nobody’s Fault But My Own’. The original featured on his album ‘Mutations’.

Billy Corgan co-writes and records ‘I’m On Fire’ while ‘Wherever I Go’ he wrote and produced.

‘Sliding Through Life On Charm’ was written by Jarvis Cocker and recorded by Pulp from a song title suggested by Marianne Faithfull, while the title track ‘Kissin Time’ was co-written by Marianne Faithfull and Damon Albarn. The song was recorded with Blur.

The full track listing runs: ‘Sex with Strangers’

‘The Pleasure Song’

‘Like Being Born’

‘I’m On Fire’

‘Wherever I Go’

‘Song for Nico’

‘Sliding Through Life On Charm’

‘Love & Money’

‘Nobody’s Fault’

‘Kissin Time’