Marilyn Manson making ‘acoustic and Southern-sounding’ music with Korn frontman

Jonathan Davis is already working on a country music project with Big & Rich

Marilyn Manson has discussed his upcoming collaboration with Korn frontman Jonathan Davis.

The shock-rocker recently teased the project, saying: “Jonathan and I used to be really close… We hadn’t seen each other in quite some time. Now he and I are talking about doing something completely unexpected together.”

Now, Manson has revealed in a Reddit AMA that he is planning an unplugged record. He explained: “That’s some of the plans of the style of music that I’m working on right now. I don’t know what it’ll turn into. Some of it will be with Jonathan Davis, I think, because he has plans of doing something similar — something that might even cross over the boundaries of being more Southern-sounding.”


Manson also added there might be some “acoustic and blues” in his future projects. Manson and Davis last joined forces in 2002 on a song called “Redeemer” for the soundtrack of the movie Queen of The Damned.

Manson also suggested that there is a likelihood of a collaboration with Smashing Pumpkins frontman during their summer tour together. “There’s a strong possibility of doing something with Billy Corgan, while we’re out on the road together,” he said.


Marilyn Manson will embark a 23–city tour of North American with The Smashing Pumpkins during July and August. Speaking in a joint press conference, Manson and Billy Corgan recently revealed their plans to end each show of the tour with a joint cover of ‘Girls Just Want To Have Fun’, famously a hit for Cyndi Lauper in the early ’80s.

Manson and Corgan had previously been involved in a two decade-long feud, with the pair recently burying the hatchet. Manson said that Corgan “taught me to play guitar,” adding: “It’s his fault. You can blame him.” Speaking about what they’ve learned from each other, Manson continued: “I tried to convince him to wear make-up and he tried to make me have more chords in my music.”

Corgan also disregarded the belief that the pairing is a strange one, saying: “I disagree with the assertion of weird. I don’t think there’s anything weird about being an artist.”

Korn frontman Jonathan Davis, meanwhile, has revealed that he’s working on a country music project. Davis recently postied an image of himself online working in the studio with country duo Big & Rich.