Marilyn Manson in video controversy

Did he have real sex in promo?

Marilyn Manson has become caught in a controversy over his video for new single ’Heart-Shaped Glasses (When The Heart Guides The Hand)’.

The controversial star has yet confirm or deny the rumours that he is having real sex with real life girlfriend Rachel Even Wood in the clip.

A source told Radar magazine that the couple didn’t fake the scene. Manson said: “Let’s just say there were some conservative people involved (with the video) that got a little upset about things that were taking place, and there’s been rumours back and forth, but I will not confirm or deny them.”


The sex scene depicts Manson and Wood violently kissing while writhing around locked in a passionate embrace, making purposeful love. In another scene Wood seductively massages her nether regions while watching Manson’s onstage performance.

The singer told MTV: “Anyone who is lazy or, I guess, has the lack of depth to expect (a video from me) to be shocking and then say it’s not shocking, is essentially the same as saying your partner is bad in bed when you’re a masturbator…I think it’s one of those ‘buyer beware’ situations. You can’t be mad at me when you know what you’re asking for.”

The video can be viewed below, but is listed as being only suitable for viewers who are over 16 years old.

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