Marilyn Manson is back

The anti-Christ superstar lays to rest retirement rumours

Marilyn Manson has completed work on his sixth LP.

The anti-Christ superstar has described the follow up to ‘The Golden Age Of Grotesque’ as the “most guitar-driven” and “most original” material that he’s ever written.

He told MTV.COM: “This record has a very unpleasant attitude toward itself, and I expect it to be — without sounding like someone who says this every time they make a record — something above and beyond and different — sonically, emotionally — than anything I’ve done.”

“The lyrics have the most romantic feel to them. This is a desperate and crippling desire for romance — not in the romance sense of a Reese Witherspoon movie, but in the sense of living your life like a film and enjoying it that way. I’ve found a woman I can relate to. That’s something — and I don’t even feel sappy saying it — that, if anyone has that, don’t lose it, because it’s probably the only thing that you can ever really find any satisfaction from.”

The news lays to rest fears that the goth rocker is due to retire and pursue a career as a film maker – a rumour which almost became a reality.

Manson added: “I might have had to defuse people with a smoke screen of weakness and the idea that I was going to run away from music when I was really just trying to find the bullets for my gun — metaphorically, of course. But I was contemplating giving up entirely. It’s a sort of philosophy that I find to be true that if your life is collapsing around you, sometimes you have to be willing to let go.”

The as-yet-untitled album was recorded in two different California studios and the singer claims he finished it weeks ago.

It is due for release next spring.