The case doesn't get to court...

A sexual assault lawsuit against MARILYN MANSON has been dropped after reaching a settlement.

The case was brought forward by security guard Joshua Keasler, who claimed the star gyrated against him, wearing only a thong and stockings, after wrapping his legs around Keasler’s head at a concert in Detroit, in July 2001.

Terms of the settlement, which was agreed on January 28, have not been released, reports The Associated Press, but Manson was ordered to pay $4,000 for fines and costs for the criminal side of the proceedings.

“I can now go on with my life and try to close this unhappy chapter,” concluded Keasler.

As previously reported on NME.COM, Manson was involved in a similar case last year, with another security guard, David M Diaz. Manson was cleared of the assault charge, with the jury ruling that “Manson‘s show was neither offensive or harmful”.