The star files a lawsuit against Daisy Berkowitz over the release of old material...

MARILYN MANSON and bandmate MADONNA WAYNE GACY have filed a lawsuit against a FLORIDA record label and former a band member, following the release of old MANSON material, recorded in 1993.

Filed on April 28 at a federal court in Los Angeles the suit claims that the release of an album by Manson‘s previous band, The Spooky Kids, constitutes trademark and copyright infringement.

The action, which is lodged at ex-bandmate Scott Putesky and Empirewerks, aims to halt the sale and distribution of ‘Lunch Boxes And Choklit Cows’, as the case claims that the LP and accompanying DVD make unauthorised use of the musicians’ likenesses and illustrations from Manson‘s book, ‘The Long Road Out Of Hell’.

According to Billboard, the action is seeking damages of at least $500,000 and claims of punitive damages are to be determined.

It also alleges that the purported infringements constitute an infringement of an October 1998 settlement agreement related to the exit of Putesky from the band, under his stage name of Daisy Berkowitz.

Putesky and Empire’s lawyer Richard Wolfe has branded the suit “ill-conceived” and added: “We’ve tried to work things out with Manson. He doesn’t respond.”