Marilyn Manson guitarist unveils new project

John 5 reveals his Loser

Marilyn Manson’s former guitarist John 5 has revealed details of his new band, Loser.

Following his recent work with Rob Zombie – co-writing and playing on the album ‘Educated Horses’5 will release his next project’s debut album, ‘Just Like You’, on June 5.

Marking a move away from dark metal, the guitarist has explained the sound of Loser saying: “I like to play metal, but sometimes it’s like doing the same thing over and over. It’s good to have a little bit more variety, like eating different foods. And even if they’re surprised, I hope people will like the band and recognise that hey, it’s not metal, but these are really good songs.”

Tracks set to appear on the LP include ‘Disposable Sunshine’, ‘Without You (Inside Out)’ and ‘Nobody Knows’.

Speaking to MTV News, 5 has explained the story behind the name of the band, saying: “I was from Grosse Pointe, Michigan, which is kind of an upper-class area, and I was always that rock kid. I started playing guitar at age seven. I always had a rock shirt on, and I had that tattoo early on. I looked like a loser because everyone around me was wearing Polo and Brooks Brothers.”

He added: “But now if you go into a club wearing Polo, you’re called a loser. So I think everyone can relate to that name, and the album title, ‘Just Like You’, sums it up.”

Loser’s line-up is completed by singer Joe Grah, bassist Charles Lee and drummer Glendon Crane.