Police in Kansas City have their work cut out as concertgoers react angrily to the show's sudden stoppage...

A riot erupted at a MARILYN MANSON concert in KANSAS CITY last week after the show was cancelled due to safety concerns.

Riot police struggled to contain around 3,000 rioters, including a group of fans who started throwing rocks, beer bottles and bottles filled with urine at the officers.

The self proclaimed ‘God of Fuck’ had been performing at the Freakers Ball at the city’s International Raceway on Thursday (October 30), but was forced to stop after just two songs when the safety barrier in front of the stage collapsed.

After 30 minutes, the venue’s security team had repaired the barrier and Manson continued with his set. However, before the end of the song the barricade collapsed once again, causing the promoter to cancel the concert.

As the 12,000 fans left the venue, boos, swearing and fights erupted overpowering the venue’s security team, who then called in around 130 Kansas City police officers in full riot gear.

A police spokesperson said that pepper spray was used to control the rioters and that six fans suffered minor injuries and were taken to nearby hospitals. According to MTV News, nine fans were taken into custody, but were later released. One officer was also struck in the finger.

One person was arrested after trying to run over a traffic officer with his car, and nine police vehicles were damaged.

In a statement, Manson said, “Even though the show was stopped twice for safety reasons, we wanted nothing more than to continue to play. Although we were not allowed to finish the show, we understand that safety needs to come first.”