Local officials object to the God Of Fuck, who says he's "truly dangerous"...

MARILYN MANSON has been banned from playing the NEW YORK leg of OZZFEST on August 11.

Officials at Six Flags in Darien Lakes, New York applied a clause in its contract with Ozzfest promoter Clear Channel saying they ‘decided to pass’ on a performance by Manson.

A spokeswoman for Six Flags said the move was a “management decision” and that it is in the park’s rights to “restrict artists from performing”. She then declined further comment.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Manson said: “People do acknowledge and recognise me as truly dangerous… I refuse to say that what I do is showbusiness. Only Marilyn Manson, out of Korn, Disturbed and all these other bands, has been considered inappropriate.” He added, “That’s the inability to reconcile art and entertainment.”

The ‘God of Fu*k’ is also facing opposition from officials in Milan, preceding his gig in the city on Saturday night (June 7). The Grotesque Burlesque show was moved from nearby Monza when the city council objected, deeming his show to be inappropriate for children.