He'll star alongside Gary Oldman and James Brown in 'Beat The Devil'...

MARILYN MANSON has filmed a part for the forthcoming TONY SCOTT film ‘BEAT THE DEVIL’.

The short film also stars Gary Oldman, and also features a guest appearance from James Brown. Manson is no stranger to acting, having recently finished filming his parts for the full-length feature ‘Party Monster’.

Speaking about the filming, Manson said: “I did not fly over, but landed IN, the cuckoo’s nest this morning. It was strange enough to get up at 7am, but after having my eggs I went downtown to act in a short film called ‘Beat the Devil’.

“This was directed by Tony Scott and stars Gary Oldman, James Brown and yours truly. All I can say is, I am proud to have gotten a signature from the godfather of soul on my Very Own Bible! (I have no idea what it says though.)”

In other news, Manson has now almost finished work on a DVD, due later this year. Writing to fans on, he revealed: “I have personally stirred together a chaotic tornado of scenes from almost every show and the shrapnel of each city and the characters we encountered. I found a clip of us in Warsaw doing ‘Born Again’ and ‘In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death’ .

“There’s ‘My Monkey’ and a striptease in Rome of ‘Diary of a Dope Fiend’ (I have been cleared of all charges.) There are women with baboons in Moscow. Wal-Mart in Mississippi. Babysitting the Osbournes. AND all of the nasty things that happen offstage that we were never allowed to show you before. I hope anyone that went last year loves this scarred scrapbook, and if you missed the tour, you won’t next time, after seeing this.”