And the self-styled 'God Of Fuck' has also revealed he's currently editing his eagerly awaited novel...

MARILYN MANSON has said he would like to collaborate with OZZY OSBOURNE, and has spoken out about his long-awaited novel.

The pair became friends after Manson joined the Ozzfest tour of the US in the summer. Now, the controversial rocker has said he has discussed “creative ideas” with the Black Sabbath frontman.

“I don’t know if I should say what we were talking about” Manson told Kerrang! magazine. “It was private. But we talked about things we’d like to do together in the future, some creative ideas we have. There’s a strong mutual admiration between us.”

Manson also said that work continues on his long awaited novel, which was originally intended to coincide with his ‘Holy Wood’ album. The star is currently editing the book down.

He said: “It’s a fiction novel, most likely comparable with something like ‘A Clockwork Orange’. The storylines are not similar in any way, but it’s a social commentary and it takes place in a fictional time that’s neither the past nor the present.

“It deals with all the subjects that the record focuses upon: the value of children, politics and religion, violence as entertainment. I’m sure it will be greeted with great controversy and hatred, and I’m sure someone will read it and want to make it into a film. But my original idea of making it into a film the way I wanted to would never be possible. It would never be shown in a theatre; the images are far too grand, elaborate and violent.”

Manson releases a new single, ‘The Nobodies’, on September 3. A remix of the track will feature on the soundtrack to the forthcoming Hughes Brothers film ‘From Hell’, which, as exclusively revealed on NME.COM will be scored by Manson.