They both had "a very vivid imagination that scared a lot of people"...

MARILYN MANSON has said that the follow-up to last year’s ‘HOLY WOOD (IN THE SHADOW OF THE VALLEY OF DEATH)’ album has been inspired by French writer the MARQUIS DE SADE.

Manson told music website that he considers De Sade, famous for his erotic writing and inspiring the word ‘sadism’, a kindred spirit in many ways.

He commented: “The complete theme is still under wraps but it definitely lends itself to some of the things that have inspired me over the past year, particularly the life of the Marquis De Sade. I relate to how he was a person who had a very vivid imagination that scared a lot of people and he was punished for the things that were going on in his head. He was using his mind and his art to exorcise his demons, and he was punished for it. And I feel a lot of times I get myself into similar circumstances.”

As previously revealed on NME.COM, Manson has been working on new material in LA since completing the touring commitments for his last album late last summer, with ten songs taking shape.

Elaborating on the forthcoming album’s themes, he continued: “I suppose there’s an element of me having a healthier sexual relationship in my life now. So the music has a very personal fetish quality to it in the sense that I talk about and try to express musically things that I normally wouldn’t have done in the past. I’ve often put my feelings into personas and different characters on each record to help me talk about what’s inside me. Sometimes it’s easier if you put it into metaphors. I think this one deals with things on a realer and dirtier and rawer level. It’s gonna be the kind you put on when you want to accomplish something, whether it’s to take out all your aggressions or have sex to or be by yourself and consider how you’re going to take out your aggressions sexually somewhere down the road.

“The music isn’t retro and it’s not dated, it just deals with some of the things I’d forgotten were enjoyable to put into music. I think I’m trying to make people see that music that is not conventional and not organic rock’n’roll can still have very much of a soul to it.”

A new album is likely in 2002.