Ten pieces of music and the film theme will flow from his pen...

MARILYN MANSON is writing the theme, incidental score and possibly a new single for forthcoming science fiction film ‘RESIDENT EVIL’, based on the computer game of the same name.

Manson is working with composer Marco Beltrami, whose CV includes scores for all three of the ‘Scream’ movies. “There’s a lot of incidental items that I’m contributing to things that Marco does to help it be more cohesive,” Manson said. “There will probably be about ten bits of music, and most importantly, the opening theme, which will carry itself through the whole movie.”

“It’s the opposite of what people would expect from me,” Manson told “It’s very classical in its composition, but very unclassical in its sound texture. I’ve tried to take the traditional method of film score and just use more interesting instrumentation. So it has an electronic feel to it while combining strings and traditional instruments as well.”

The score reunites Manson with Tim Skold, with whom he worked on the cover of ‘Tainted Love’ for ‘Not Another Teen Movie’.

“That was our first project together, and it went so well that we just continued working,” Manson said. “He’s also helping out on the new Manson record. He’s co-producing it at this point, and from what we’ve accomplished so far it’s a great collaboration.”