Get a glimpse of how the follow up to 'Holy Wood' is shaping up...

MARILYN MANSON has posted video clips made during the recording of his new album on the Internet.

The clips show Manson recording the vocal parts to his new album, as well as videos of his group performing. In addition, he has posted some photographs of the studio sessions.

All can be found on the singer’s official website, .

Speaking about the album, Manson said he hopes to reveal the title of the follow-up to ‘Holy Wood (In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death)’ as early as next week.

He said: “Here is a glimpse into the studio. I took a few shots of co-producer Tim Skold and the guys recording a new song that John 5 wrote. Expect to see more of me singing and the rest of the band recording in greater detail later.

“Next week I plan to announce the album title. I can say the album will be a hard and violent mix of industrial-strength punk vaudeville with 30s Berlin cabaret decadence. One song title is…’Use your fist and not your mouth'”.

Manson recently told NME.COM a new album should be released in September.