Beth Nimmo, whose daughter died in the tragedy, calls for people to "be strong enough" keep away from the forthcoming show...

The mother of the first victim of the COLUMBINE HIGH SCHOOL shootings has today (August 8) joined an anti-MARILYN MANSON chorus rising in Scotland and called for his up-coming GLASGOW show to be boycotted.

Beth Nimmo, whose daughter Rachel Joy Scott died in the April 1999 massacre, has said “people need to be strong enough” not to listen to Manson.

Speaking in this morning’s Daily Record, Nimmo said: “I don’t doubt that his kind of music definitely affects young people and can desensitise them. People need to be strong enough not to listen to it.

“There is nothing entertaining about real violence. It has real consequences and brings nothing but destruction and pain.”

Manson has frequently denied his music in any way drove Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, the Trenchcoat Mafia, to carry out the school shootings.

In related news, a group calling themselves the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Group are currently protesting in Glasgow city centre outside a Council meeting, being held to decide on the final licencing application for Gig On The Green (due to held August Bank Holiday weekend). They are protesting against Eminem and Marilyn Manson‘s inclusion on the Gig On The Green Bill.

NME.COM will have more on the meeting and the protests later.