The God Of Fuck is fined $4,000 as 'crotch-rubbing on head of security guard' trial ends...

MARILYN MANSON has been slapped with a $4,000 fine after pleading no contest to minor charges of disorderly conduct and assault and battery in a MICHIGAN court yesterday (June 19).

The Satanic star had been charged with sexual misconduct after allegedly rubbing his crotch on the head of Joshua Keasler, a security guard at his show in Minneapolis last July.

Manson appeared at the 15 minute hearing in a sober dark suit and afterwards stopped to sign autographs for fans outside Clarkston District Court.

He had originally been charged with fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct, which could have landed him in jail for 90 days if found guilty. The charges were reduced last December.

“It’s a victory for art,” Manson said via his lawyer Walter Piszczatowski.

The opposing team were not so happy. “We don’t think $4,000 is enough of a punishment,” prosecuting lawyer Ken Frazee said. “The victim did suffer, and the court didn’t consider that enough.”

No contest is a US legal plea that does not include an admittance of guilt.