Hundreds turn out to take a look at 'The Golden Age Of Grotesque'...

MARILYN MANSON hosted a crowd of several hundred as he introduced his art exhibit, ‘THE GOLDEN AGE OF GROTESQUE’ in LOS ANGELES last night (September 19).

Some of Manson‘s bandmates, Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist Dave Navarro and bassist Flea, Korn drummer David Silveria and [a][/a]’s son Jack turned up for the private reception at the Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions venue on Hollywood Boulevard.

“I make things that most people would consider grotesque a little bit prettier,” Manson told Reuters. “I used a lot of child-like colours. I used a children’s paint set actually, and it has a lot of pastels.

“The one thing about it that differs from music is that I can be alone, I paint in silence, just me and the brush and the paper. I don’t know if it’s cathartic. It’s very relaxing.”

The gallery will be open again tonight. Manson will again be on hand throughout the night signing lithographs and posters.