The star confirms the story which appeared on NME.COM earlier this year, and says he'll provide "soundscapes and atmospheres" to accompany the film...

MARILYN MANSON has confirmed his involvement in the forthcoming JOHNNY DEPP movie ‘FROM HELL’.

As revealed on NME.COM in May, Manson visited the set of the Albert and Allen Hughes-directed movie in England, where he discussed recording a musical score for the project

The film is based on the story of Jack The Ripper, with Depp playing the part of police inspector Frederick Abberline.

Now, speaking to www.launch.com, Manson has said he will provide “soundscapes and atmospheres” to accompany the film.

He said: “What happened was they had hired a conventional composer who did most of the work, and I had come to the project late. They wanted me to lend my aesthetic; they were trying to get him to compose conventional music, but with, as if he were me. And then I met them and they were, ‘Oh, we wish we had got you from the beginning’…

“So what I did was I took thing they already had and I changed them slightly and I added a lot of sounds that didn’t distract from the film but make things more intense, whatever they’re trying to achieve. And that was really enjoyable for me.”

Manson has also recorded a brand new song for the film, which will close the movie.

In other news, the controversial rocker has made a download of the Slipknot remix of his previous single ‘The Fight Song’ available via his official website, www.marilynmanson.com .