The star gets ready to release his own 'White Album' - and announces plans to tour the UK and Europe...

Marilyn Manson has unveiled further details of his forthcoming new album, ‘HOLY WOOD (IN THE SHADOW OF THE VALLEY OF DEATH)’ and revealed that he plans to play the UK before the end of the year.

The star announced that the album will appear through Nothing/Interscope Records in the US on October 24.

Though the date has not been confirmed for the UK, it is expected to appear the day before.

In a short film, broadcast on the self-proclaimed AntiChrist Superstar‘s website [url=], he also revealed the site would be used for weekly updates and previews of ‘Holy Wood’s…’ music and/or artwork. And Manson, speaking from his studio, also took what appears to have been a veiled knock at file-sharing websites such as the underfire software provider Napster.

“We’ll give a weekly listing of a new song or artwork as we go along so you can see it and hear it first before someone else gets it inappropriately,” he explained.

He added: “We’d like this to be a place where the true fans can get what they are looking for without having to find it through unapproved means.”

Manson also directed fans towards the news section on the website, where a breakdown of current tracks in progress is available. The final tracklisting for what will become the follow up to 1998’s ‘Mechanical Animals will be announced closer to release. Current tracks are as follows:

‘Cruci-Fiction in Space’; ‘The Love Song’; ‘Disposable Teens’; ‘Target Audience (Narcissus Narcosis)’; ‘President Dead’; ‘The Fight Song’; ‘The Nobodies’; ‘A Place in the Dirt’; ‘The Death Song’; ‘Burning Flag’; ‘Lamb of God’; ‘In the Shadow of the Valley of Death’; ‘Coma Black’ a)’Eden Eye’ b)’The Apple of Discord’.

Finally, in an interview published in UK magazine Kerrang! this week, Manson compared ‘Holy Wood…’ to The Beatles‘White Album’.

“This is our ‘White Album,” he explained, “because it’s very experimental yet it came out a lot heavier than anything that anyone would imagine. It’s definitely the heaviest record we’ve ever made.”

And due to the collaborative nature of writing, Manson claimed it was the first time “Marilyn Manson sounds like a band”.

He also revealed that a tour would kick off around the album’s launch in October, heading towards the UK and Europe before the end of the year.