Manson's paean to anti-violence is out - follow the links...

Marilyn Manson has released his controversial video ‘Coma White’ via his official website. The video allows Manson to express his views about America’s fascination with violent images in the media.

It was originally held back after the public fury at Manson over the Columbine Massacre and after the death of JFK Jr. The video features the assassination of JFK. Manson introduces the video writing: “This is a pageant where I used the assassination of JFK as a metaphor for America’s obsession and worship of violence.

“My statement was always intended to make people think of how they view, and sometimes, participate in these events. Little did I know that the tragedy at Columbine and the accidental death of JFK Jr. would follow. But it was telling to see the media shamelessly gorge itself on these events, which ultimately made my observations in the video even truer than I had originally imagined.”

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