The goth-rock superstar is "coming out swinging" on 'Holy Wood (In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death)'...

Marilyn Manson has spoken fully about his forthcoming studio album, describing it as “me coming out swinging”.

As previously reported on, Manson is currently putting the final touches to the album, ‘Holy Wood (In the Shadow of The Valley of Death)’ at the former LA home of magician Harry Houdini.

Now, in an interview with the Rolling Stone website, [url=], Manson describes the new record as being “about a boy who wants to become part of the world that he doesn’t feel adequate for”. He continued: “It’s too little to call it a concept album…This story can be interpreted on a number of levels, but one of the simplest ways is about a boy who wants to become part of the world that he doesn’t feel adequate for, and the bitterness and rage becomes a revolution inside him, and what happens is that the revolution becomes just another product.


“When he realises it’s too late, his only choice is to destroy the thing he has created, which is himself.”

In the interview, a number of new track titles are revealed, including ‘Target Audience’, ‘Disposable Teens’ and ‘Cruci-Fiction in Space’. All three are described as “brutal industrial-goth”, a contrast from the more commercial nature of Manson‘s last album ‘Mechanical Animals’.

Speaking about how the new album fits in with his other two – he has previously said all three will form a trilogy, he said: “‘Mechanical Animals’ was to represent the point where the revolution got sold out, a hollow shell of what the essence of Marilyn Manson was. It was a satire, and a lot of people interpreted it as ‘This is what he really is.’ I was making a mockery of what I was, taking a shot at myself.

“This is me coming out swinging. Rather than being fucked in the ass, I would kick their teeth in. But I want to do it in a beautiful way, so that they could still be humming a tune as they held their mouths on the way to the orthodontist.”

As previously revealed on, Manson recently took time out from his recording schedule to appear in the video for the new Eminem single, ‘The Way I Am’, on which he is namechecked.

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