Reports in the UK that the God Of Fuck is set to play Willy Wonka appear to have little foundation...

Despite reports in this morning’s UK press that MARILYN MANSON is to play WILLY WONKA in a remake of the movie, NME.COM can reveal that sadly it looks unlikely that the dark lord will play ROALD DAHL’s twinkly-eyed chocolate king.

According to The Sun today (January 30), Manson wants to resurrect the role played by Gene Wilder in the original 1971 movie.

The newspaper quotes him as saying: “‘Willy Wonka’ is one of my favourite movies and I think I can play that role like no one else. I really see the movie as a metaphor. I see Willy Wonka as Satan, because he presents people with the temptation of picking good or evil, and they all pick evil.”

It adds that Tim Burton is to direct a dark remake of the movie version later this year. “The film will still have a beautiful message. Our hero, Charlie, does a good, honest deed and that’s a rare thing,” Marilyn reportedly added.

However, a spokesperson told NME.COM this morning that there was little likelihood that he will take on the role. “He is a big Willy Wonka fan and apparently he mentioned that in relation to a film he was thinking about doing in an interview last year. So unfortunately it doesn’t look like it’s true.”

The Sun article goes on to recommend Ant And Dec for the parts of Oompa Loompas, Posh Spice for Veruca Salt and Mick Jagger and Ronan Keating as Grandpa and Charlie.