NME finds out if anyone will take Marilyn Manson and looks into the history of wreckers with Weller, Led Zeppelin and more...

Marilyn Manson‘s hotel-wrecking escapades last week haven’t put British hotels off having them as guests.

Manson and bandmates trashed the dressing room as the Poughkeepsie Civic Center in New York state last week before moving back to their lodgings at the prestigious Sheraton. There have been reports of telephones struck in the middle of walls, burns on carpets and damages running up as high as $25,000. Apoplectic manager of the Sheraton almost sobbed as he described the work that staff were having to put in to clean out the baths, stained with the band’s purple hair dye.

When Marilyn Manson arrives in the UK, however, his reputation ought not to cause him any problems. ‘Hand in your keys at reception’


Great hotel room smashers Paul Weller – In a Jam with the gendarme

Cornershop – Brimful of trasha

Led Zeppelin – Doing it for the kid

Faith No More – The shit hits the fan

The Fabulous Poodles – Poodling about Deep Purple and U2 style

“I’ve never heard of him,” a spokeswoman for London’s posh-as-anything Ritz Hotel told “But we welcome all guests to The Ritz. the one thing I will say is that we have a very strict dress code. All our guests are required to wear a jacket and tie, so it may not be his first choice when he comes to London.”


The fact that Manson arrived at the Sheraton incognito, travelling with his parents, looking indistinguishable from a businessman before revealing the awful truth when the band, complete with purple hair, escorted a girl wrapped from head to foot in chains through the lobby.

“As I have said, we have a strict dress code,” the spokeswoman said.

London’s Columbia Hotel – subject of a Noel Gallagher song from ‘Definitely, Maybe’ – has a long established reputation as a rock and roll hotel, being a tad more tolerant of band’s and their recreational activities.

“We take guests on their merits,” a spokesman said. “We don’t encourage them and as far as I know Marilyn Manson isn’t staying here, but from what I hear, they only left their hair dye in the bath.”

A random straw poll of London hotels revealed that none would actually turn Manson away.

Outside London, however, some hotels are slightly less tolerant and welcoming.

“If guests don’t behave themselves they’re shown the door,” said the General Manager of the Seafront Lodge Hotel in Ayr, in the West Of Scotland. “If someone did that here I would have no hesitation in calling the police.”

Marilyn Manson arrives to play London Brixton Academy on December 17; hopes to bring you before and after pictures of his hotel room.

Smashing up hotel rooms – rock ‘n’ roll or crap ‘n’ passe? Have your say on Angst

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