Jesus' disciples do their best to steer the God Of Fuck onto the right path - but all he wants to do is rock and, erm, visit fetish clubs...

MARILYN MANSON’s UK tour continued in MANCHESTER last night (January 22), despite Christian groups holding a vigil outside the venue.

Members of the public, angered by the self-styled ‘God Of Fuck”s lyrics and imagery, had gathered since early morning outside the Evening News Arena, praying for Manson and his followers and singing hymns. It is

understood that representatives were permitted access to the venue to give

Manson a CD of Christian music and a book of prayers, which they were told by his representatives that he would read.

However, the peaceful protest appeared to be in vain. Midway through the set Manson, who has previously claimed to be a Satanist, told the under-capacity audience: “This is your moment to say fuck you, and I want everybody outside to hear it.”

Prior to the show, Dennis Wrigley, one of the protestors, told NME.COM: “We’re not narrow-minded religious bigots, we’re straightforward honest Christians. We’re not hurling abuse, we’ve told this man we love him.”

On the reasons for their demonstration, he said: “Many people in Manchester

are appalled that God is being mocked in this way and that money is being made

out of mocking God. But it’s a free country. All that we’re saying is you

don’t mock God in vain.”

Asked what specific elements of the show they objected to, he continued: “It’s everything we’ve read about him in music magazines, which we read very avidly and very carefully. We’re not looking for faults, we’re merely saying that to encourage people to spit at bibles and to take a hateful attitude to humanity is sad. We see the fruits of Satanism all over the world and it’s a sour fruit, a bitter fruit. I’ve been talking to the youngsters here and they’re wonderful. But most of them don’t realise fully what’s behind it. It’s a means of getting money out of mocking God.”

The tour, subtitled ‘Guns, Gods And Governments’, kicked off in Birmingham on Sunday (January 21) and concludes its UK leg tomorrow (January 24) at London’s Docklands Arena.

Manson also visited a fetish club in London at the weekend. After a day shopping in Camden on Saturday, he accepted an invitation to the Torture Garden fetish club at Mass nightclub, a converted church in Brixton.

He arrived with a group of friends, including American actress Dita Von Teese. One fan at the club said he was dressed less outrageously than most of the people there, wearing a cowboy hat and his trademark spooky contact lenses.

When asked by one club regular, named Kiwi, how he was enjoying the London fetish scene, Manson replied: “Absolutely bloody marvellous” in a plummy cod-English accent, and spent most of the night smiling and happy to have his photograph taken with people.

Today (January 23), fans will have a chance to meet their idol at his instore signing session at the London Oxford Street Virgin Megastore. NME.COM will also be there – click back later tonight for the full story.