He stalks offstage after being bottled by a "sissy" in the crowd...

Marilyn Manson stormed offstage on Saturday after being hit by a missile thrown from the crowd.

Manson was midway through ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Nigger’ when a bottle was thrown and hit him on the head. Manson called the perpetrator a “fucking sissy” and stormed off. Later, Manson talked to NME‘s Siobhan Grogan about the incident.

“A very typical Marilyn Manson show,” he said. “I got hit in the head with a bottle so I wanted to fight whoever did it, but that’s just my nature.”


He also said that the earlier German show where he walked offstage and returned 90 minutes later for a one-song encore was due to technical problems.

“It wasn’t me being a prima donna, it wasn’t me being a baby, it was the fact that I’m a perfectionist,” he told NME. “The crowd deserved the best Marilyn Manson show. Because of the technical problems, they weren’t gonna to receive that, so what I gave them was something greater. I think if I was a person and I went to a concert, if I had the chance to have a riot, I would be happier to have a riot than to see a concert. That’s something they’ll remember their whole lives. I’m glad no-one got hurt, but I think a riot’s good. Chaos is always important in music.”

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