Marilyn Manson has faced opposition to live dates in the US and Australia...

Marilyn Manson has encountered opposition to upcoming dates in the US and Australia – though he appeared to have won through in the US on freedom of speech grounds.

Manson’s November 10 date in Charlotte, North Carolina was opposed by many members of the city’s Coliseum Authority, but decided to let the concert continue under the American First Amendment, which protects free speech. Manson’s stage show’s, especially for his previous album, Antichrist Superstar, provoked much controversy for portraying simulated sex, satanic imagery and flirting with right-wing symbology. The singer, real name Brian Warner, even received death threats.

However, US website Wall Of Sound reports that the band have been threatened with a $10,000 fine if they incite the crowd to rush the stage. Officials will be travelling to other shows on the ‘Mechanical Animals’ tour to study the show under new plans to institute a ‘rating’ system – similar to those used for movies – for rock concerts. This would be the first of its kind in the US.


No ruling has been reached on another US date in jeopardy, that in Syraceuse, New York. Both the mayor and local leaders are opposed to the show and have threatened to cut funding to thye venue if the concert goes ahead. Meanwhile, Manson’s plans to headline Australia’s re-instated summer touring festival The Big Day Out has encountered problems. Right-wing Christian the Reverend Fred Nile has asked the Australian authorities to ban the band appearing in teh country. The threat is being taken seriously, as last year a similar complaint against the Nazi apologist author David Irving was upheld.

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