Local newspaper The Denver Post claims sources involved with the tour cite the ongoing controversy over the shootings as a "major factor" behind the star's no-show...

MARILYN MANSON will not play a date on the OZZFEST tour in DENVER – sparking rumours he remains concerned about the COLUMBINE HIGH SCHOOL shootings which occurred nearby.

Ozzfest 2001 visits the Mile High Stadium in Denver on June 22. Local newspaper the Denver Post claim sources involved with the tour believe a “major factor” behind Manson‘s no-show in Denver is the ongoing controversy surrounding the 1999 school shooting incident, where the self-styled Trenchcoat Mafia, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, shot and killed their classmates.

Manson has not played in the area since the shootings, and it was claimed at the time the killers were fans of the rocker’s music. This idea was later proved to be false.

A spokesperson for the festival denied that Manson, who is one of the headliners of the event, was pulling out for any other reason than a conflict in his schedule.

Local promoter Chuck Morris added: “I have no reason not to believe Marilyn Manson‘s representatives that he’s not available to play in Denver.”

A UK spokesperson for Manson,was unavailable for comment this morning (March 23).