Marilyn Manson are to play a one-off Brixton Christmas show...

Marilyn Manson are to play a one-off Brixton Academy show on December 17.

Tickets go on sale on October 3 priced ‘14.00 from usual outlets and NME‘s 24-hour ticketline on 0870 1212 500. The band’s new album, ‘Mechanical Animals’, entered the US charts at Number One last week. In the UK, it debuted at Number Eight. ‘The Dope Show’, the first single from the album, will be released by Universal on October 26.

Manson has described the single as “a sarcastic look at Hollywood and the rock’n’roll lifestyle”. Part of the lyric runs: “There’s lot of pretty pretty ones/That want to get you high/But all the pretty pretty ones/Will leave you low/And blow your mind/We’re all stars in the Dope Show”.


The video shows lead singer Brian Warner as the androgynous alien depicted on the cover of the new album – an image that caused the LP to be banned from a host of major US retail outlets. At one point, Brian is on a slab being prodded and poked by scientists in a scene reminiscent of the infamous Roswell alien tapes.

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