Nicholas Boroff, who was sent home from school for wearing an offensive Marilyn Manson T-shirt, claims violation of human rights, but loses court case...

MARILYN MANSON has been involved in a court case again – this time over his clothing.

According to [url=], a former student from Ohio has lost an appeal after school officials had banned him from wearing one of Manson’s official T-shirts.

The court turned down Nicholas Boroff’s claim that his shirts were an example of his right to freedom of speech, therefore school officials could not legally prevent him from wearing the shirts, which featured a picture of a Jesus with three faces and the word ‘believe’ with the letters ‘lie’ picked out.

Boroff was reprimanded for wearing the shirt at Van Wert High School in August 1997 by a school administrator who thought the garment “vulgar, offensive and contrary to the educational mission of the school”. The student was told to change or leave and be considered a truant – causing Boroff to sue for violation of his human rights.

However, a judge ruled for the school district, and the Court of Appeals agreed.

Manson had yet to comment as NME.COM went to press.