Manson enters his watercolour period...

Marilyn Manson is the latest musician to join the exclusive club of performers turned artists.

He is currently exhibiting his daubings on his official website.

The twenty watercolours are all original pieces and Manson plans to follow his internet exhibition by taking his paintings to galleries across America later this year.


To see the artwork, go to his official site here.

The paintings feature a variety of compositions featuring crude, grotesque exaggerations of the human form. Much as you’d expect.

Manson‘s new career sees him following in the footsteps of musicians such as Bob Dylan, whose painted scrawlings graced the cover of his album, ‘Self Portrait’, Ex-Stone Rose John Squire, Rolling Stone Ron Wood and Captain Beefheart who gave up music permanently to devote his efforts to art full-time.

David Bowie is also known for his work as an artist on the web.

His paintings and sculptures are available both to view and buy from

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