A new look Manson announces withdrawal from media and details of new record...

A newly bald Marilyn Manson has revealed on his website that it will now be his “only contact with humanity”.

He announced this as part of a short movie on his website.

This location – apparently hidden – was revealed on the website’s bulletin board.


In a message on his website he reveals that title of his new album as ‘In the Shadow Of The Valley Of Death’ and says it will tell the story presented in his upcoming movie ‘Holy Wood’. Click here for his website.

Talking about the album he said that it is the final part of the triptych that began with ‘Anti-Christ Superstar’. He then goes on to say that the character of Omega (as featured on his last album ‘Mechanical Animals’) had been disposed of as “he was a ruse to lure commercial mall-goers into the web of destruction – I’ve always planned that from the beginning”.

The last album was met by much disdain with much of his hardcore audience who thought it’s mixture of glam-rock and Bowie-style imagery was a essentially a commercially friendly Manson. The sales of the album in the US are thought to be disappointing.

The new album is being produced by Bon Harris (Nitzer Ebb) and Dave Sardy (Bark Market, Slayer) along with Manson.

On the site he states the new album is “a soundtrack for a world that is being sold to kids and then being destroyed by them. But maybe that’s exactly what it deserves.”

He railed against the media representation of serial killers and Christianity.


Click here for the movie.