Courtney Love and Christina Ricci come under fire...

Marilyn Manson has released an official statement offering further thoughts on his ongoing feud with Courtney Love.

A reported here last week, Love appeared on America’s Howard Stern Show and explained the reason her band Hole had pulled out of last year’s tour with Manson.

She said she that, in deference to her young daughter Frances Bean Cobain, she could not perform with a band that played before a sign reading d-r-u-g-s each night.

Manson hit back by referring to Love as the “alleged ‘former’ drug addict/singer.” He then goes on to offer the most stinging comments of all.

Manson writes: “It’s funny. It seems that every film from ‘Kurt And Courtney’ to ‘Man On The Moon’ to ‘Larry Flynt’ and now her recent casting as William S. Burroughs’ wife, it looks as if she’s doomed to play dead celebrities’ middle-aged wives.

“I suppose with a little more plastic surgery she could be Yoko Ono, because she sure has the voice for it. It seems art no longer imitates life. It mocks it.”

Manson moved on to attack Christina Ricci, who recently expressed her disgust at Manson’s band.

He replied: “She’s going to need to make a few more stops at the salad bar if she really, really wants to look like my girlfriend (actress Rose McGowan).

On Wednesday, Manson will go live on his official web site ([url=] to reveal the titles and content of his forthcoming album.

This will involve a live broadcast from his studio by the man himself. In the meantime, he left this taster about the record on his website. “Mishandled fear bred pop consumerism, a fear to fit in. Diabolical fear bred religion and all those that cower before it and die in its guilt-inspired name. Together, we hold their greatest fear of all…knowledge. That is knowing it is us that will destroy the world, not them.”