Hearing on marketing violence to kids points finger at goths and sci-fi movies...

Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails and forthcoming sci-fi movie The Matrix were singled out for criticism at a hearing of the US Senate’s Committee On Commerce, Science And Transportation on Marketing Violence To Children.

Meeting in Washington DC yesterday, May 4, the committe heard testimony from churchmen, educators, psychologists and anti-violence in the media groups, though not from anyone concerned with the music industry or any of the artists picked for criticism.

One senator described Manson as “tremendously offensive” and singled out NIN as a band that sets a bad example for children. They concluded the meeting resolved to push for a government investigation of the music industry’s use of bad language and violent imagery.


In the wake of the Littleton massacre, a coalition of ‘family values’ campaigners have been pushing for censorship of music in the US – one proposal would extend the Parental Advice sticker scheme to stop certain records being sokld to under 18s – blaming violent imagery and films for the rash of school shootings.

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