Councillors and churchmen gang up against ol' red eyes...

Marilyn Manson faces being banned from the bill of Metallica‘s Big Day Out Festival on July 10 at Milton Keynes Bowl, his only scheduled UK date this year.

Milton Keynes council leader Kevin Wilson wants the band off the bill and has already secured the backing of town MP Brian White and the Milton Keynes Christian Council, representing churches of all denominations in the town.

However, Cllr Wilson admits to never having heard or seen Marilyn Manson.


He said: “Given the tragedy in Denver and the linking of this singer’s name with it, I am today asking the promoters of the tour to consider whether July is the right time to have a concert by this performer.

“I don’t confess (sic) to be an expert on Marilyn Manson but other people have suggested there might be a tenuous link between some of his songs and some of his lyrics and the mentality of the youngsters who committed this crime.”

But the organisers of the Big Day Out, which also features Metallica, Placebo, Terrorvision and Monster Magnet, are fighting the attempt to have MM removed from the line-up.

A spokeswoman for Big Day Out said: “In a month’s time everyone will have forgotten about this. It’s ridiculous. Just because you’ve read The Silence Of The Lambs doesn’t mean you’re going to go around cutting people into little pieces.”

Meanwhile, The Observer on Sunday May 2 reported that David James Copeland, the 22-year-old air conditioning engineer arrested in connection with the three explosions, had associates who visited his home in Cove, Hampshire dressed in goth/metal clothes.

“They would wear black baggy clothes and T-shirts with Iron Maiden written on them,” a neighbour said. “Their friends used to come around and they all wore the same clothes. They all seemed to be in gothic clothes and they looked like they were in a band.” Tickets for The Big Day Out are available from‘s 24-hour ticketline on 0870 121 0125 or click here to go to our online gig guide and ticket service.


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