The star tells what the first 45 lifted from 'Holy Wood' will be...

Marilyn Manson plans to release ‘DISPOSABLE TEENS’ as the first single from his new album, and hopes to return to the UK at the start of the new year for live dates.

Speaking to at the Kerrang! awards in London yesterday (August 29), Manson confirmed the single choice – the first from his forthcoming album, ‘Holy Wood (In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death)’, released on October 23 through Interscope.

Earlier in the month Manson had selected two tracks for possible release, the other being ‘The Fight Song’.


He said the B-side to the single is likely to be a cover of John Lennon‘s ‘Working Class Hero’. Speaking about the track he said: “While I’m not a communist, some of Lennon‘s communist sentiments in his later life were very dangerous. I think he died because of it. I think the B-side for our first single may have a cover of ‘Working Class Hero’ on it.”

Manson, who flew into London especially for the awards, also revealed that he hopes to play live shows in the UK in “December or January”. These shows would be the first live appearances for Manson in the UK since his Metallica support at the Milton Keynes Bowl last July.

A spokesperson for Manson told that it was “becoming more likely” that ‘Disposable Teens’ would be the first single choice, but maintained that there are no confirmed live dates at present.

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