The dark one wants to direct movies - Bet they'll be a right barrel of laughs, eh?...

MARILYN MANSON is keen to work in films again, but this time in a role behind the camera rather than in front of it.

“The natural thing for me is to be involved in movies, but it really has to be on my terms,” he said. “I think I feel more suited as a director than an actor, although I like to act.”

Speaking to ‘Fight Club’ author Chuck Palahniuk in the Sunday Herald newspaper (December 17), Manson, who made his film debut playing a porn star in David Lynch’s ‘Lost Highway’, revealed that he had found a bedfellow in director Alejandro Jodorowsky.


“He’s a Chilean director who worked with Salvador Dali,’ explained Manson. “He wrote a script called ‘Able Cain’ and it’s a fantastic thing. He’s had it for about 15 years, and he hasn’t wanted to do it, but he contacted me because I was the only person he wanted to work with. And the character is very different from what people know of me, and that’s the only reason I’m interested.”

It is unclear at present just how Manson’s character would be different from how he is known now. Jodorowsly’s previous film ‘El Topo’ involved self-immolation, dismemberment, Christ imagery and excessive violence.

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