Media storm erupts around controversial singer...

Two teenagers, reported to be Marilyn Manson fans, slaughtered 25 teenagers after bursting into an American school yesterday.

The bodies of the two gunmen, from a gang dubbed the Black Trenchcoat Mafia, were found in the library of the Columbine High in a middle-class suburb of Denver, Colarado. They are believed to have killed themselves. Three other teenagers were arrested in a nearby field.

The two gunmen have been named by pupils as Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold.


The gunmen are believed to have posted warnings on AOL including “Preparin’ for the big April 20!!! You’ll all be sorry that day.”

According to The Daily Telegraph, Dave Hnida, school team doctor at Columbine said they were ‘devotees of Marilyn Manson‘.

There are also reports that they may have been involved with an incident where swastikas were daubed over the school. It is not clear whether the date – April 20, Hitler‘s birthday – was deliberately chosen.

The gang, wearing black and sunglasses struck at 11.30am local time. Hurling bombs and firing automatic weapons.

Media reports claim that the gang were taking revenge on the school and ‘jocks’ for being expelled and ‘being made fun of’.

Many media reports have homed in on the fact they are reported to be Marilyn Manson fans – there are indications that a witch hunt is erupting.


Marilyn Manson is expected to make a statement later today.

nme.com will bring more news on this story as it happens.

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