They don't hold with no cuss-words on T-shirts in Kentucky, sir...

A Marilyn Manson fan in Louisville, Kentucky in the heart of America’s cousin-marrying Bible-bashing-belt has lost an appeal against her conviction for harassment because she wore a Manson T-shirt in public.

The woman was originally arrested, charged and convicted last year when she wore a Manson “I am the God of Fuck” shirt. She was fined $250.

The American Civil Liberties Union – US equivalent of Liberty – backed an appeal against the case, sending one of its own lawyers. They now plan to take the appeal process further, according to the associated press report.


The woman – one Venus Morgan – was accused of harassment because apparently the lyric printed on the shirt is the equivalent of repeating the same phrase over and over.

Meanwhile, Manson has denied that he will headline at Woodstock 99; apparently the organisers were unable to find a night-time slot for the reconstructed goth shocker at the bash in Rome, New York in July.

Fact: while the original Woodstock Festival – high-watermark of the 60s idealism of peace, love and good music – was taking place in 1969, Marilyn‘s namesake Charles was preparing for his dune buggy attack battalions to put an end to the hippy dream in a blood soaked orgy of slaughter in the Hollywood Hills. Perhaps the irony was not lost on the organisers of Woodstock 99.

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