The shock rockers team up in New York to further cement their reconciliation...

Marilyn Manson joined Nine Inch NailsTrent Reznor in a chant of “You’re so vain” during the song ‘Starfuckers Inc.’ at a NIN gig at NEW YORK‘s MADISON SQUARE GARDEN on Tuesday (May 9).

His appearance on stage further cemented their reconciliation, after Reznor and his former protigi Manson‘s high-profile rift. ‘Starfuckers Inc.’ was a shot at Manson, who had previously turned on his former producer and label boss Reznor.

Leather-clad Manson was introduced by Reznor with the words: “I wrote this song for a friend of mine.” He stalked on stage and shared vocals during the performance. Reznor then moved aside to play guitar while Manson took centre-stage and the band crunched into a version of his single ‘Beautiful People’.

Footage of ‘Starfuckers Inc.’ can be found at

First signs that the pair were on speaking terms again came when it was revealed that Manson was to co-direct the video for ‘Starfuckers Inc.’, NIN‘s new single.

As previously reported by, NIN appear at Glastonbury Festival on June 23 and ‘The Lost Weekend’ at London Docklands Arena on July 1.

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