Fans of the scary rocker are reported to have compiled a hit-list containing threats of violence against fellow students...

An estimated 400 students fled their school in fear of violence following an incident in which two female MARILYN MANSON fans ate and defaced a school bible.

Marilyn Manson was due to play a show in the US at the Toledo Sports Arena on December 5 – which ironically was cancelled due to drummer Ginger Fish re-aggravating his injured collarbone.

According to a report in local newspaper the Toledo Blade, “hundreds” of students left the local Bowsher High School after hearing rumours of a hit-list containing threats of violence against selected students – including athletes, cheerleaders and blacks.


The list allegedly belonged to a group of students wearing the Gothic-style clothing, who, according to authorities, on the day of the concert (December 5) began defacing a Bible, tearing out the pages and eating them in the school canteen.

The group were reported to have balloons with ‘Welcome, Marilyn’ written upon them. Six police cars were called to the scene, and approximately 25 students were interviewed relating to the incident.

Toledo Public Schools officials have commenced expulsion proceedings against a number of the students involved. The students have been accused of “disorderly conduct” and could be expelled for up to 80 days as a result of their actions.

Speaking about the incident, Janice Kilbride, school improvement leader for the area said: “There were statements that were serious enough and repercussions serious enough that we felt intent to expel was appropriate. We did not find a list. We did find some references to a list, but there never was a list found. In light of the Columbine incident, anytime kids mention a list you have now gone beyond freedom of speech.”

Her views were backed by school board President Larry Sykes. He added: “I recommended expelling all seven. They violated the safe school ordinance, created a near riot. That’s tantamount to gang activity.”

One of the students facing expulsion claimed to be announcing his “atheist views”. Scott Pelow, 17, said: “I was just announcing that I didn’t believe in God, my atheist views. I wanted to make that statement. People started surrounding the lunch table telling us we were going to hell and we were bad, even though it’s our choice to believe what we want to believe.”


Marilyn Manson will return to the UK in the New Year for live shows as part of his ‘Guns, God and Government’ world tour.

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