Ol' Red Eyes is also writing his own movie...

Marilyn Manson has told The San Francisco Chronicle that he has landed a TV role in Twin Peaks creator/Eraserhead, Blue Velvet and Lost Highway director David Lynch‘s forthcoming Mulholland Drive TV show. Manson will make a few cameo appearances. He is also writing his own film set in an alternative Hollywood where everything is taken to extremes.

The latest David Lynchcreation is a mystery based on two women in Los Angeles centred around a luxurious apartment building and starring Helen Mirren and mullet-haired country star Billy Ray Cyrus (he of ‘Achy Breaky Heart’ fame).

Lynch‘s new film Straight Story – based on a true story about a 73-year-old blind man who made a six week trip through the mid-west at five miles per hour on a lawn mower – is also set for release later this year.