And - at last - the star admits the controversial promo for 'Fight Song' is a response to the media who held his music responsible for the Columbine shootings...

MARILYN MANSON defended the violent video for his new single ‘THE FIGHT SONG’ on breakfast TV in the UK this morning (February 14).

Speaking on Channel 4’s ‘The Big Breakfast’, Manson went back on earlier comments that the video was not a response to the media who have held his music responsible for the Columbine High shootings in the US.

He said: “I just wanted something raw and I thought it’d be ironic, particularly with the media blaming me for Columbine, to use high-school football as a metaphor. So I thought it would be interesting if the kids that get picked on by jocks take them on at their own sport and then rather than winning, just throwing the whole game away. Just kind of tearing it down rather than beating them at their own thing. Denying it.”

As reported in yesterday’s NME.COM, Manson has previously denied that the video was a response to his Columbine critics, saying: “I’m trying to show that sports as well as music can be seen as violent, so I chose a traditional black vs white, good vs evil theme for the video.”

The single is released through Interscope/Nothing on February 19.