Marilyn Manson says new album ‘Say10’ is ‘The last thing people will expect’

Manson says he's 'gone full circle' as he reveals 'Antichrist Superstar' reissue details

Marilyn Manson says his new album ‘Say10’ will be totally unexpected for people who think he’ll continue with the style of his most recent album ‘The Pale Emperor’.

‘Say10’ will be released on February 14 next year, and Manson says it will be more in the vein of his early albums ‘Antichrist Superstar’ and ‘Mechanical Animals’.

Manson told Dazed Digital: “It is, I would say, the last thing people would expect after hearing ‘The Pale Emperor’. Coming from the people who I’ve played it to, it’s a combination of ‘Antichrist Superstar’ and ‘Mechanical Animals’ in feeling.”


Manson added: “It wasn’t my intent to go backwards. Everything goes in a full circle and it just becomes, without cannibalising work from the past, the same thing: which is ultimately you. I’m a little over-anxious to release it, so it was done very quickly, but it’s by far the most thematic and over-complicated thing that I’ve done. In a way, it’s deceptively delightful to strangers. It’s like the old saying that the devil’s greatest secret is that people don’t believe he exists.”

On October 20, Manson releases a 20th anniversary edition of his second album ‘Antichrist Superstar’. Manson said the bonus material would include a video from the album’s accompanying tour which he was advised by his lawyers not to release at the time.

Manson said: “I’d innocently thought that it was acceptable to use the video as bonus feature on my ‘Dead to the World‘ DVD from the ‘Antichrist Superstar’ tour. However, the legal department and my management informed me otherwise. But now, it’s going to be seen by all. I won’t say anything else to spoil it, just that it captured a moment in time, after I had just moved to Los Angeles.”

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